Analytics and Planning For Retail

With AutomatBI you can earn 20% more and spend 15% less.


Comprehensive retail analytics with number of common metrics built in.  Organize your locations and channels by geography or size, automatically streamline your reporting by converting everything transparently to weekly calendar. Read more...

Demand Forecast

Remove the guesswork. We agree that expert input is often the best source but just not feasible in terms of speed and volume. With advanced AI, AutomatBI can help your business to achieve  next level of accuracy.  Read more...

Inventory Optimization

Buying and replenishment based on demand forecast. No more spreadsheet juggling, just automate everything. Read more... 

Data Layer

select * from sales where year = 2021 and month = 2 and color in ('blue','yellow')

True. You can send raw SQL queries and our processing engine crunches all your stored data in a fraction of a second. Read more...

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