Can I try the product?

Absolutely! We have assisted signup process. Just contact us to get your trial running. You can use the trial account in several ways: use your own data, or have demo data instead. In either case you can convert the trial account to full account at any time.

How can I load my data?

We have few options. First, you can simply upload CSV or spreadsheet file you obtained from your system. We have powerful yet simple integration setup. At minimum you need sales data at retail price, at cost, and sales units. For inventory you need latest balances at cost, sales price, and units. With these figures you are on your way to the next level of reporting.

Other option is to send your data via the API. Your developers will hate it because it is dead simple and you can simply stop paying them by this evening.

How does the Erply integration work?

Connecting your Erply data is very simple. Just enter the details such as Erply account code and other connection options. The system will just synchronize all the data and you are good to go. Check out the Erply feature page here for more details.

Can I integrate the data with my current reporting tools?

Sure. Send a query via to out API and get bunch of data in return. We have our own query language which is well suited for making business-related requests over complex hierarchical data. Yet the query construction is very simple. If you know how you organize your product groups or customers, composing the query is child's play.

Do you have integration with ...?

Currently we have out of box integrations with Shopify, Erply and Scoro. However, our API is very easy to use and if you can extract CSV data from your system, we can show you how you can integrate in 15 minutes. Ask us below.

Do you have open to buy?

Yes. Our open to buy module is built to support weekly or monthly budgets, and scales from hundreds to thousands of items. Check out the feature page, or drop up us a line.

How much historical data you need?

For high-quality forecasts it is recommended to have at least two years of historical data. But what's is more important, is to have high-quality supporting data such as promotion placement, marketing budgets &c. This is what drives the sales most, and this is what you can control - by controlling these you control the future.

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