ForecastingApp integrates robust forecasting algorithms that perform well under most circumstances. Forecast is fully automated - you just provide the data and in no time we have a future for you. The engine automatically takes care of extra information such as holidays, or not should you choose manual controls.

With the forecasting tool you can create a forecast for the next season or year literally in less than a minute without compromising its quality.  Engage your entire team to work on the forecast and be confident that everyone is on the same page. All the time. From marketers to operations to buyers, everyone has access to the same most up to date figures. All the time.

Mix and match automatic forecasts with manual adjustments, simulations and what-if analysis.

Know What Your Customers Want

Whatever you sell, you need to do some planning, and sales forecast is the beginning of it all.  ForecastingApp is a starting point to inventory optimization and markdown optimization. You will be able to create Machine Learning-driven forecasts for all your channels and product groups in just a matter of minutes.

Robust Forecasting Engine

You may think Machine Learning is complicated and requires something called “data science” to use. We have addressed this and packaged the world's leading algorithms so that you don’t even need to know how it works, let alone configure the engine.

You will just need to feed historical data from transactional system, and the rest is done automatically. Every morning you will have an updated forecast for the upcoming weeks.

This is just the beginning. You can amend the historical data with external variables such as number of visitors, marketing spend and other factors that may have an effect on your sales.

Made For Business Not Data Science

ForecastingApp makes it easy to forecast next season or fiscal year across channels, categories, customer segments and months or weeks.

Unbelievably you can forecast entire season literally in 5 minutes. Our smart forecasting engine takes care of maintaining correct seasonality and product mix based on your historical trends.

Once the forecast is drafted you can adjust any part of it. Should you need to adjust the total figure the system automatically reallocates everything. Or want to adjust single week, single store? Again, everything rolls up automatically for you keeping you always at the top.

We anticipate changes in the business environment and ForecastingApp adapts with these changes. Need to open new store? Just add it the registry and forecast the sales from scratch or choose existing similar store to seed your forecast.

What about changes in product mix? Again, our engine allows you to adjust any point of forecast and keep the totals by automatically reallocating the siblings. No more fraction-based calculations.