Inventory Analytics

Make most out of your inventory.

Inventory performance

With the advanced inventory analytics solution, you'll gain invaluable insights into your stock movements, trends, and demand patterns. Identify slow-moving items before they chip away your cash, pinpoint opportunities for upselling, and streamline your supply chain for maximum profitability.

Product profitability

No matter what you sell there are items that have not been sold for a long time. These products eat up cash reserves and waste space. When the item's Return of Inventory Investment falls below 100% it becomes a liability. Take action and identify vendors, product groups and individual items which do not make any money to you.

Purchase optimization

With solid demand forecast you can make purchasing decisions with confidence and stock you inventory with products according to their demand ahead of time.

Inbuilt prediction engine can look ahead as far as next year and beyond making it suitable for many different application ranging from staple goods to fashion and apparel.