Report authoring

Report designer

With the powerful report designer you can customise any supplied report, build new one from scratch and even create powerful applications by combining different data sources.

In fact, all inbuilt report are designed with the same tool, and if we could build it so can you!

Multiple data sources

Combine multiple data sources with different filters and logic to create detailed or consolidated views of any aspect of the business.

Define custom relationships between data sources and use multiple conditional filters to bring together the data you need.

Formula engine

Create custom business logic with the powerful formula engine. Take advantage of built-in logic library offering functions from smart division to forecasting and purchase recommendations.

Virtually any calculation is supported: custom fields can contain complex arithmetic operations, subtotals, running totals, rolling averages and more.

Dashboard builder

Create stunning dashboards from every available metric including custom formulas.

Choose between different visualizations including tables, bar chart, pie charts and more.