Open to buy

Effective Purchasing Budget

Open to buy is your purchasing budget. It helps you to maintain reserve you need to provide new hip stuff for your customers. With our open to buy module you can monitor your budget and keep an eye on the reserves.

Open to buy tells you what, when, and how much to buy by week or by month. Manage hundreds and thousands of items in minutes. Smart ranking helps you to focus on only what's important.

Purchasing Optimization

Forecasting App Integrates WSSI And Open-To-Buy

The main challenge in retail is how to earn more gross profit with similar or reduced inventory level. “Open to buy” is the methodology to achieve this.

Following “Open to buy” method in purchasing allows to control the purchasing budget, preventing over- and underbuying. This allows to increase GMROI, reduce inventory and improve profitability.

Benefits are simple:

Actionable visualizations of overbought and underbought categories help to set right activities, every week.

Compare plans and actuals easily, model hundreds of categories and stores in minutes. Data integration to source systems (ERP, POS software) reduces manual work and improves data quality.

Inventory Planner

Variance Reports

Open To Buy Report