Inventory optimization

Inventory - It’s That Simple

Invetory planning helps you to forecast optimal inventory levels and report all aspects of your inventory both past and future. Get a bird's eye view of your inventory, with the ability to drill down from totals to category, subcategory or product level, from entire year to single week. You can set up your custom merchandising calendar and have multiple seasons, even overlapping.

Every important KPI you love is readily available: Sales, Inventory Levels, Gross Margin, GMROI, DSI, Sell-through and more.

Know What Makes You Money

Focus on high-margin items and identify slow movers. No matter if you analyze your previous month or plan next season, the 80-20 report helps you focus on the important parts of your business. With this information available you can boost the top items even more, or take measures to clear out dead inventory.

Buy The Right Items At The Right Time

Source only the items you need to meet your customer demand. Never lose a contact just because you did not have this particular brand or style. Save money by avoiding items that have no demand.

Get a purchasing budget for brands, categories and subcategories each week based on customer demand. No matter how long your buying cycle is - a week or six months - we can support it. And if the buying cycle is different between categories, or if the seasonality varies from category to category, you can do it.

Your sourcing decisions are support by facts not emotions.

Where Is Your Money Stashed Away?

Identify overstocks early on and plan clearances so they don’t cannibalize your high-margin sales. Typical cause for not having too much money is inventory being too old. That's because you had overstocked these items long ago and have forgotten they are there. Now they are out of style and nobody wants them. They occupy your precious shelf space with no benefit.

How Is Your Inventory Performing?

Get all your familiar KPIs in a single dashboard: sales, gross margin. You can see both the past and future in the same uniform reports. Easily identify issues and address them before they become a problem.

Markdown Optimization

Introductory Markdowns

Spin up the sales of new merchandise by modelling promotional markdowns to specific categories, channels, or customer groups. Get full transparency how this affects your gross margin and cycle through re-forecasts to fine-tune the results.

It is ridiculously easy to simulate e.g. -10% off for your VIP customers and influencers at the moment your hip stuff hits the shelves. 

In-Season Promotions

From time to time you may want to go with the flow and lure more customers to your store with occasional promotions. Simulate the sales and returns before execution, and stay on top of it event before you publish the ads.

Clearance Markdowns

Start planning clearance markdowns as soon as you hit your GMROI target to maintain healthy cash flow. You can explore the figures and apply clearance gradually in order to keep your customer experience healthy.

Purchasing Control

Variant Curves

Category And Vendor Performance