Retail Analytics

Analytics for every business in the selling business


Everything at glance - your sales, your margins, top sellers, customers and hot selling items. Updated daily or as often as you need. We also send you daily updates automatically so you don't even need to 


Explore your sales by product categories, locations, vendors, brands, sizes and more. Heatmaps combine the accurancy of numbers with great visual overview in 3D. 


Consolidate key metrics across channels, departments or vendors. Group, regroup, slice and dice your business from total bottom line to a specific sale on that Monday evening. 

Variant Curves

Consolidate key metrics across channels, departments or vendors.


Timelines and trends are gread tool to understand the dynamics of change over time. 


With Ranking features you can immeditaly see the top sellers, top vendors by any metric: sales, profit, stock levels and more. In addition to top lists AutomatBI helps you to stay on top of you bottom items and eliminate dead stock, revive customers and more.

Retail Calendar

AutomatBI is built on top of industry-standard weekly retail calendar helping you to compare apples to apples instead of oranges right out of the box.


Last but not least, a windshield! Analytics is nice but can you imagine a car with rear-view mirrors only? We can't, and that is the reason we built in predictive modelling to our solution.

Complicated? Not really. Sign up and give it a try.